How To Write A Short Story

A short story should be one that engages readers and has a satisfying ending despite its length. Short stories do not normally have many characters because there's no time to develop different characters in a story. One should have a central character and a few other characters in one's short story. This way one will be able to focus their story on these characters. One does not have time to do long descriptions in a short story and so one should avoid using many adverbs and adjectives.
One should have conflict in a short story because this is what makes a story interesting. A short story should have some chain of events that are seamless so that a reader can be able to follow the story smoothly. In a short story, one does not need to put unnecessary dialogue or background information. Short stories involve significant choices for main characters and this can determine whether they will achieve the goals that they set out to achieve. Find out for further details on this website right here.

One should have a good climax for a short story and make sure that the story ends in a satisfactory manner for readers. One should make sure that they surprise their readers at the end of a story. At the end of a story, a character should have undergone major changes from when they began the story. One should also try and make their central character have inner conflict to grow in the process of the story.

One can become a good short story writer by reading other short stories to see how other short stories are written. This will enable one to compare different techniques of writing and one can apply the techniques that one finds interesting for their own stories. One should also read short stories in different genres which is good for a writer because it will expose them to different genres. After comparing this, one can select a genre where one is comfortable to write. Learn more about short story, go here

One can also do additional research on how to write short stories to enable one to learn additional skills on how to do this. A writer should practice their writing often to become a good short story writer. By writing regularly, one will find themselves applying some of the techniques that they learn. Writing requires discipline and this is why short story writers should also be disciplined if they want to achieve their writing goals. Some writers set a specific word count for themselves per day and this enables them to commit themselves to write. Others set aside a specific number of hours per day to write. A short story writer should select a method that works for them. Take a look at this link  for more information.